How It Started

By Kelly Cadle

My dad has been working on cars, motorcycles, even my Barbie jeep for as long as I can remember. I can still sit here today and remember my older sister and I stealing his “mini” tools for the sandbox. I can remember being five and helping him restore a rusted MGB. I was the official “sander”. Although I did more harm than good. As I got older, I remember a core group of guys he used to ride with. I can remember how he became these guys exclusive tech. One of my favorite nights was always Thursday, when they’d meet up to ride to the Vortex. It quickly became a ritual for my dad to tweak their bikes and fine tune them to their liking. I can remember myself showing off and forgetting to put the oil drain in and filling the bike back up with oil. And on Christmas one of the guys got new forks for his geyser glide (my dad might not like me including this) but I remember walking down to the basement to show off my brand new jacking, just as my dad forgot to release the pressure off the forks, the well oil went flying EVERYWHERE (sorry dad!)

Very Quickly word got out about my dad and my basement became overflowing with motorcycles. Doc Slick’s became an official corporation in 2006, the same year I serviced my first Harley (a Sportster) Then just a short year later, watching the business continue to grow. With all the customers coming in, you can still find that core group of guys that helped get my dad where he is today. You might even catch a burnout competition going on in the parking lot!